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Welcome to Forever Tattooed aka Forever Tattoo Shop! My name is Maria Zelaya the muse to our art focus, and the source of original energy at Forever Tattooed. I live for traveling, changing lives through art, permanent cosmetics, and paramedical tattooing. At Forever Tattoo, we really enjoy helping people overcome obstacles and reach their full potential in life.

 Over the last 20 years of living in the Pacific NorthWest, I’ve watched my little art deprived town blossom into a beautiful art filled city. Forever Tattoo is proud to be apart off the upbringing of that culture. Our vision has been to create art, bring unique apparel and accessories, and provide high-quality services available to our community, fusing clinical, cosmetic, and custom ink therapy!

At Forever Tattooed you can feel art in your soul and take it home forever.  We have been providing custom culture,  pinup, rockabilly, hot rod, low-rider, punk, goth, roller derby and tattoo inspired art, apparel, and accessories at our store front with Forever Tattoo, since 2012.

Forever Tattooed is the store front located within Forever Tattoo Shop where high-quality, custom, clinical, and cosmetic ink are provided by our amazing inspirational artists. Forever Tattoo is a family owned and operated, novel multicultural art and apparel hub. Forever Tattoo is family friendly and therapeutic to the soul.

 In 2016, we developed an online store and our art gallery called Forever Tattooed. The art is made by very talented award winning artists that enjoy life in the Pacific Northwest! Our artists are highly productive and experienced in multiple mediums, frequently attending international seminars, and conventions like, Dutdutan Philippine Tattoo Expo, The Body Art Expo, and Paradise Tattoo Gathering. Forever Tattoo has a passionate team of artists that are enthusiastic about helping the community though art. We have raised over 500 Christmas gifts for Bridge The Gap Community Outreach Program for foster children. We also, do fundraisers for Hope vs Cancer and OHSU's Doernbecher's Children Hospital. Yearly, we attend the Relay For Life event, providing sharpie tattoos to help spread cancer awareness and donate paramedical tattooing. We also continuously donate paintings to hospitals and charity auctions.

Forever Tattoo empowers people of any lifestyle to feel happy about expressing themselves though art. We provide an environment that embraces diversity and an adventurous art filled culture. We promote art expression, art therapy, and inspirational art to help restore mental health, closure, individuality, and confidence.   People often feel comfortable with our charismatic team at Forever Tattoo, and become regular clients that fell like family.


Our friendly five-star staff is ready to listen to your vision and need for art! We have the best industry knowledge, and an award winning team to help you create your perfect art piece!


Andie Pena

Andie is Co-CEO of Forever Tattoo and an amazing artist that has been providing high-quality tattoos at Forever Tattoo for 5 years. He is the life of Forever Tattoo and enjoys using water color as his favorite medium, creating fine art for our unique art gallery. He donates some of his art to the community for charities and awareness. Andie is diverse in tattoo genres,  he inspires, leads, and listens charismatically to his team of artists, and to his clients. Andie is immaculate at and passionate about tattooing script. We call him the "Script Killa". Andie currently holds a tattooer certificate at the Pacific NorthWest Tattoo Expo in  2016 for black and grey tattoo and small color.   


Caine Hall

 Caine has been tattooing for 7 years, and has been at Forever Tattoo for 3 years. He specializes in American traditional tattoos, color and black and grey realism. This artists favorite genre of tattooing is black and grey work, Caine takes pleasure creating water color and participates in Forever Tattoo Art Gallery. When Caine is not appreciating art, he is enjoying music, hiking and attending festivals. Caine is a contest winner in best most unusual at The Body Art Expo.


Abigail King


Our Future

Our future at Forever Tattoo grows and is looking forward to strengthening our art gallery, and extending our services to scalp micropigmentation for alopecia patients. We are also focusing on providing regular services to cancer survivors who have had double mastectomies and in need of custom areola micropigmentation. As for our artists they are always looking forward to saturating themselves in the artist lifestyle, keeping sharp in the industry, and producing magnificent art to display, auction, or register into contests, and spreads in magazines around the world!




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In person at                        8600 E Mill Plain Suite E

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Online at                             info@forevertattooed.com

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