The Procell Therapies system uses stem cell science with microchanneling to deliver profound results throughout the epidermal layer of the skin. Procell serum contain growth factors derived from human bone marrow and support cellular renewal and have strong regenerative properties to improve skin firmness, elasticity, texture, & tone. After treatment a Procell Therapies Hyaluronic Acid Post-Treatment Hydrating mask will be applied.
Improves the appearance of:

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Thin or aging skin
  • Large pores
  • Acne Scars/ Surgical Scars
  • Stretch Marks
  • Sun Damage/ Dark spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Firms,Tightens, & Tones Skin


Procell's Micro-Channeling system is a minimally invasive treatment that transforms the look and feel of damaged skin to a smoother, and healthier looking skin.

During the treatment, very small micro-needles penetrate the upper layers of your skin creating small, micro-injuries. These micro-injuries stimulate a natural healing response, which leads to the creation of new collagen. Over the course of several treatments, this repetitive healing process can create a new layer of collagen that can improve the overall appearance of your skin.

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              ⚡️Microchanneling vs. Microneedling
              ⚡️Stamping vs. gliding/dragging/circles

    Microchanneling is not damage or destruction of tissue, but rather stimulation of the keratinocytes at the Dermal/Epidermal Junction to activate excited fibroblastic activity & initiate a wound-healing cascade.

    ✨90 mins downtime vs. 24 hr +

    ✨Zero chance of hyperpigmentation

    With procell microchanneling, the skin is being stimulated to produce more collagen. During the process, a stem cell serum is used and is delivered to the skin through the channels. You can increase your results by treating the area every 6 weeks until desired results are achieved.

     Now Offering ProCell Therapies Microchanneling at Forever Tattoo!

    ProCell Therapies designed a device that achieves the same goals as microneedling, in a safer and more effective way than dragging needles through the skin. Studies have now proven that dragging needles deep through the skin can over work the skin and causes the skin to be inflamed and unable to absorb product well. ProCell uses a tapping technique where tiny vertical channels are created in the skin for product absorption. This technique results in less downtime, no peeling/bloody, cat-scratched faces like other devices and techniques!

    It was voted the best device of 2018 by Dermascope magazine.

    Your skin is the largest living organ. Let me help you Turn the Hands of Time. Microchanneling with Collagen Induction Therapy can help with that. This is just ONE treatment on one of my clients. Call today and take advantage of my End of Year Special. Buy 3 Get the 4th FREE.
    We are using stem cells for the new microchanneling procedure.
                            Works WONDERS FOR Anti-Aging



    Scar Camouflage

    $299 and up. Camouflage hair transplant scars, injury scars, and surgery scars.

    Male Scalp Micropigmentation

    Norwood Scale for Male Hair Loss. Genetic Hair Loss, Alopecia, Thinning/ Patchy Balding, Density Fills, Hairline Restoration, Scar Camouflage


    Scalp Micropigmentation Consultation

    Female Hair Loss Scale for Reference at Consultation. Genetic Hair Loss, Alopecia, Thinning Hair/ Patchy Balding, Stress Induced



    $479 and up. Hairstroke Microblading $479. Powder $499. Ombre $499. Bold Combo $499. Soft Combo $499 


    $279 and up. Classic Eyeliner, Custom Eyeliner, Latest Trend Eyeliner


    Luminous Lips

    $499 Luminous Lips Technique. Ombre effect. Includes color correction if needed

    Cosmetic Maintenance $179 and up. Touch ups >6 month after procedure

    Freckles/ Beauty Marks

    99$ Tattoo a freckle or beauty mark on the body.

    Tattoo Correction PMU

    $179/ per session. Correct permanent cosmetic procedures.

    Eyeliner, Lip, Eyebrows

    Custom Tattooing

    Forever Tattoo. 

    Award Winning Artist. Minimum $70 -  $129/ hr


    499$ Areola Repigmentation

     Post-Mastecy, Unilateral, Bilateral, Flap Reconstruction, Custom Areola

    Plamsa Fibroblast

    $299 and up. Surgery Alternative to lifting and tightening skin around the eyes, chin, neck, forehead, lips, scars and stretch marks. Remove freckles, moles, sunspots, ages spots, birthmarks with plasma treatments

    Beard Micropigmentation

    $99 and up. Beard Micropigmentation is for hair loss of the face. Follicler replication adds density to patchy balding areas. Results are over 2-3 sessions depending on skin type. Top notch ink will never change color. Lasts 3-7 years.

    Density Fills $899 and up.Thinning and patchy balding for men and women. Completely camouflages hair loss.

    Alopecia Treatments

    $899 and up. Alopecia treatments include multiple sessions of ink impressions, camouflaging areas of hair loss. All types of alopecia can receive treatment.

    Hairline Restoration

    $899 and up Change your life by completely restoring your hairline! Builds confidence and improves appearance.


    Scalp Micropigmentation

    $899 -$4,000 This procedure is a permanent non-surgical hair loss solution. Scar camouflage, hair transplant scars, injury scars, and surgery scars. We also treat alopecia conditions, female and male patchy balding, and thinning hair. Affordable and effective!